Web report, the software for managing and supervising the machine productivity: from cardboard consumption to daily production trends.

You can view and access all data about machine application and performance to analyse machine performance in real time.
The real-time report on machine performance allows you to take appropriate action in order to optimize performance if required.
Web based application, accessible from any browser through your device (PC, tablet, smartphone).

•  cost optimization: constant monitoring of cardboard use and production performance
•  efficiency: thanks to the man-machine productivity control, it is possible to take corrective actions in real time
•  interface: easy and user-friendly
•  recommended for companies operating with one or more packaging machines

Data Visualization
•  Machine Performance Check
•  Monitoring System to optimize cardboard consumption
•  Cardboard Consumption Check
•  Detection System for use of incorrect cardboard dimensions
•  Machine Status
•  Database of produced boxes (lead times, box type, dimensions etc.)

Main feature
•  Production list
•  List of boxes
•  Efficiency Check cardboard transformation
•  Recommended fanfold dimensions

Query modules can be positioned, changed in size, or deleted as needed. Specific queries can also be customized or added upon request.

One of the most important features is the option of monitoring the use of cardboard in terms of its length (TOTAL LENGTH USED), in order to optimize resources.
This is connected to the module % OUTPUT PER TYPE OF BOX, which shows the output in percent for each type of box used (and therefore the difference in waste), with reference to the selected time frame. A further control tool is the USE OF CARDBOARD BY TYPE which shows the overall linear meters of cardboard used for each box type.
The production of boxes can be assessed on the chart BOXES PER DAY, which shows the total numbers day by day, within the selected period of time.
The chart relating to the AVERAGE LEAD TIME PER BOX TYPE states the average lead time of the machine needed to produce the boxes divided by type.
To check the total amount of effective operating hours of the machine, down times in hours or the amount of hours during which production has been interrupted due to lack of orders, go to section OPERATING TIMES PER DAY.

The data shown in the charts and tables can be easily read and interpreted. Moreover, the data of each single module can be downloaded in csv format.

Standard Query Features
• Total number of boxes per type 
• Code Search Tool
• Boxes per day 
• Boxes produced per month
• % output per cardboard type 
• Cardboard consumption per type 
• Total number of produced boxes  
• Operating times per day
• Average lead time per box type 
• % Output per type of box