A user-friendly tool to manage production and all the advanced features Evo has to offer:
- pre-set and custom box formats
- customer box archive
- production lists to schedule production according to customer, product, time table etc.
- connection to the company network in order to manage production from your office or via your data management system.
- production reports, remote SQL queries, production data reports.

Includes advanced features such as:
- data storage of the box types, the optimal parametrization for each box in use is stored in order to make working processes more efficient and guarantee perfect results
- in addition to the 2D and 3D preview mode of the boxes now also the animated closing process is available on screen, a great advantage when you’re processing new or complex box formats
- completely customizable combo-boxes: create your combo- packaging and save your settings, including the protections
- help Desk: fix an error by accessing the required information on a PDF - File available directly on screen

Available plug-ins: QBOX, BoxDesigner and WEB REPORT

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