The world’s best machine for Packaging on Demand

Nextpro is the best machine for Packaging on Demand, perfect for its extremely high performance and reliability.
On the international market this machine has been available for over ten years and it has been chosen by prestigious global brands to face the challenges of the market.

Suitable for:

- big enterprises
- high productivity requirements
- production of more than 10 boxes per minute
- for production in high flexibility (batch size 1)

Technical features

  • 2.5
  • high
  • more than 10 / min
  • >1000
  • >1500
  • particularly suitable for complex box formats
  • 48m / min
  • fanfold / sheets
  • up to 6 fanfold stacks
  • 1 to 12
  • standard / serrated
  • Available
  • 2 mm to 7 mm
  • 480 mm
  • 10 kW
  • 400V / 50Hz (European) - 480V / 60Hz (USA)
  • min 6-7 bar (max. consumption 100 Nl/min)
  • Boxlink PRO 2.0 go to software
  • Schneider
  • Available


The units can be equipped with different kinds of tools and sets-up automatically thanks to the engine that is fitted on each unit to guarantee a very quick positioning of the units.

Transversal units
Groove cut
Standard creasing
Standard and serrated creasing

Longitudinal units
Pressure cut
Standard creasing
Standard and serrated creasing

Two rack system
Thanks to the double rack the longitudinal units can be positioned very close to one another on two transversal axes, one in front of the other.  This allows cutting and creasing at close distance, even less than 20 mm. 

Nextmode is available in 3 versions. By using the cardboard lifter, the machine selects, the most suitable cardboard width available in order to optimize cardboard consumption.

The machine can work with single cardboard sheets (F) or with one fanfold stack (1CL) or with both. Dimensions of the cardboard: max. 2500 mm., min. 480 mm.

Multiple: 2 fanfolds side-by-side
With this configuration you can use 2 to 4 fanfolds side by side (SbS).

Automatic lifter (2 to 6 levels)
Nextmode can be equipped with 2 (2CL) to 6 (6CL) cassettes for fanfold storage, in each cassette 2 fanfold stacks can be stored side by side (SbS) thus doubling the available fanfold cassettes (max. 12).

Serrated Creasing
Creasing with perforation in addition to standard creasing: folding the cardboard is easier for the operator and the box is neat and perfect. Particularly suitable to create packaging for very long profiles. By using the management software, you can produce boxes with both standard and serrated creasing.

Trim extraction and conveyors
Optional includes:
- extractor to remove trim laterally
- conveyor belt to remove trim

Sensor to check on cardboard
A set of photocells signal in advance that cardboard is running out

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